Together with Stefan aka Błyskawica, we decided to build a brand that goes beyond the schemes, it will say KIDS KNOW HOW – in a simple translation: CHILDREN KNOW BETTER.

The products we present fill a gap in the toy market and educational aids. They do not give a direct and obvious fun path – they allow teachers, students, parents and their children to do something more than recreate the scheme.

We have divided our products in a way that we think suits them best. We do not use difficult words such as: sensory or motor skills. Why? First of all, we do not want to impose a specific role on toys or generate their intended use artificially. We created them so that the children decide how they can be used. What’s more, we try to make our toys sensomotor 🙂

This does not mean that we leave the toys without any clues, which allow us to understand the dependencies resulting from the material used for the production, thought out design and exact execution. We support the development of the youngest by teaching, showing, building a relationship between peers.

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