Narodziny is the story of a father looking for an alternative to colorful, loud toys. My history.

There are no toys on the market that go beyond the diagrams. This situation has forced me to come up with something new, which is also a simple message. Designing exactly what I had was thinking, it was not easy. The white sheet on which I sketched the first toy was the inspiration to use the material that will allow drawing and erasing the resulting graphics.


Hand-drawing car – toys transferred for a long searched material and some work on simple carpentry machines gave the effect that I expected.

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By combining the right material, ideas and manual work, I created the first car. Strong, fast and durable with the additional function of drawing and erasing images created on its white surface.

I could not wait to see what my son would do with such a car. It took just a few moves to mark the whole family on a trip, make a delivery to the store and take part in the DAKAR rally. Toy car quickly gained an important place in our family, and the name of Stefan nickname Lightning.


Together with Stefan – Błyskawica, we decided that there must be more toys. The plan was created – we will build a brand that will go beyond the diagrams. WE MAKE WHITE TOYS, and KIDS KNOW HOW – in a simple translation: we make white toys, and children will know what to do about it.

rodzina1 has developed a series of toys and educational aids made of a special white plate, which is made of high-pressure wooden fibers pressed under high pressure. I have tried to obtain the appropriate FSC certifications, certificates and certificates.


KIDS KNOW HOW, however, we hope that you also know what to do and how to have fun.


… the car is a sheet of paper from which everything begins. A white card is a story created by your uninhibited child.