Draw and erase

Thanks to the use of special material to make our toys and educational aids, their surface is adapted to coloring. We recommend the use of water-based markers, because the drawings created thanks to them can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

This solution allows you to incorporate toys into various roles, save points, draw in the necessary architectural and equipment elements, and the fun goes beyond all boundaries.

Augmented reality

We decided to take a bold step, use NFC technology and create an application that takes our toys into an augmented reality. It is very easy. NFC or near field technology by bringing a smartphone or tablet closer to a toy launches an application that animates our toys.

Thanks to NFC, toys do not require power, are safe and always have fun. We encourage parents to cooperate with their children by giving them the opportunity to create a world of augmented reality.

The application is available on devices with Android.


We have created descriptions and didactics for our toys and educational aids, allowing for effective use of their capabilities. However, we do not impose one option of using a toy, we only want to lighten the pattern of play, so as not to violate the natural innate creativity and imagination.

We believe that education and entertainment is to be something more, it has to open perspectives, show new horizons and more peaks to win.